SiTtinG iN mY RoOm,

wItH mY StObE lIgHt fLaShInG.

I GrAb A kNifE,

I sTaRt SlAsHiNg.

YoU hUrT mE,

It’S mY tUrN tO hUrT yOu.

I Will cUt aLl yOuR pIcTuRe, yOuR nOtEs AnD yOuR cArDs,

I cAn’T bEliEvE tHe sTuFf yOu’ll dO.

Sad Girl

YoU cHaEaTeD,

yOu LiEd.

YoU sToLe My hEaRt,

nOw iT hAs dIeD.

I lOvE yOu sO mUcH,

I’m StILl lOvInG yOu.

HoW cAn YoU dO tHiS,

aFtEr wHaT wE wEnT tHrOuGh.

tHe LiGhTs aRe oFf,

ThE sTrObE lIgHt sTiLl fLaShEs.

jUsT sItTiNg On My FlOoR,

wItH sOmE pApErS aNd aShEs..


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by shikha on June 12, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    Hi esha
    I like ur thoughts and style of expressing ur views
    Keep it up


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