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Heavy Rain in my soul


Heavy Rain

in my soul

Heavy grays

as if toil


in a mine

with weeping walls

dark with grime

Blue skies

Autumn golds

Vivid honeys

I behold

with my eyes

But inside

dark gray skies

Your touch is warm

but I am numb



I’ve become

dark and gray

Heavy Rain in my soul

I despair

cant believe

we’ll make it through

you and me

as a couple

as a pair

Heavy grays


not honeyed golds

Is it old grief

welling through

bruising the day

me and you?

Or is it the true?

there won’t be

a couple

made of

you and me?

For now


blue skies

your warm touch

barely touching

the rock of fear

the wall of chill

as I plod onward

led by my will

but I long for

a nest

a rest

a love that fills


the cold gray rain

in my soul