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Heavy Rain in my soul


Heavy Rain

in my soul

Heavy grays

as if toil


in a mine

with weeping walls

dark with grime

Blue skies

Autumn golds

Vivid honeys

I behold

with my eyes

But inside

dark gray skies

Your touch is warm

but I am numb



I’ve become

dark and gray

Heavy Rain in my soul

I despair

cant believe

we’ll make it through

you and me

as a couple

as a pair

Heavy grays


not honeyed golds

Is it old grief

welling through

bruising the day

me and you?

Or is it the true?

there won’t be

a couple

made of

you and me?

For now


blue skies

your warm touch

barely touching

the rock of fear

the wall of chill

as I plod onward

led by my will

but I long for

a nest

a rest

a love that fills


the cold gray rain

in my soul


Who is my match..?

Who is my match?

Where is my match?

That is the catch

Where is my match

so the fire can catch

from a spark

to a flash

to a hearth

wood burning to ash

But who is my match?

where is my match?

That is the catch

The wood is stacked high

row upon row

the hearth fire is set

But where

is my match?


is my match?


will a spark catch

to light up the dark?

There’s wood for three years

dry, ready to light

Where is my match?

that is the catch

My door’s open wide

I wait for a spark

for the match

so the fire will catch

the flame will take hold

the kinding will crackle

the wood will catch fire

But where is my match?

The wood could be sold

My home could stay cold

The hearth could stay dark

without a spark

But my dorr’s open wide

to welcome inside

the one who’s my match

so the fire will catch

and then more than one match

to keep the fire lit

to keep the fire stoked

for a house to live in

for a life thats given

a spark

to pass through its dark..

Thinking of you

Thinking of you

While sitting in my room all alone,

My mind become filled with thoughts of you.

Things I should have done.

I realise how much I miss you.

And how sorry I am for hurting you.

I wish I could turn back time,

So I could hold and kiss you.

I wish I could turn back time.

To take all the bad things I’ve said in the past

And change them to the words

I really want to say.

Now It’s too late,

But I still wish I could turn back time

To when I used to say you were mine.

I realize how much I miss you;

I’m still in love with you.

I know you dont want to hear all this,

I want you to know these are all the things…….

I think about while I think of you.


SiTtinG iN mY RoOm,

wItH mY StObE lIgHt fLaShInG.

I GrAb A kNifE,

I sTaRt SlAsHiNg.

YoU hUrT mE,

It’S mY tUrN tO hUrT yOu.

I Will cUt aLl yOuR pIcTuRe, yOuR nOtEs AnD yOuR cArDs,

I cAn’T bEliEvE tHe sTuFf yOu’ll dO.

Sad Girl

YoU cHaEaTeD,

yOu LiEd.

YoU sToLe My hEaRt,

nOw iT hAs dIeD.

I lOvE yOu sO mUcH,

I’m StILl lOvInG yOu.

HoW cAn YoU dO tHiS,

aFtEr wHaT wE wEnT tHrOuGh.

tHe LiGhTs aRe oFf,

ThE sTrObE lIgHt sTiLl fLaShEs.

jUsT sItTiNg On My FlOoR,

wItH sOmE pApErS aNd aShEs..



I dont know how you can do this to me

It is really making me mad

I thought we had something going

I dont know what I did to you

I am going through life not knowing

Everytime I look at you, you turn the other way

Day by Day I think of you and what we could have had

I dont know how I made you mad

If you could fill me in I’d be glad

I dont approve of what you do

But there is nothing I can do

One day I’ll try it, to see why you do it

Maybe then I will understand

Even if I do it its too late

I already lost you

I wish I could you get back

I know that I ain’t perfect, but who is..?

I want to be with you

You are the one I want to hold tight

I never wanted to let you go

But for some reason I had to say no

I am really sorry

If you only knew

I want to start over

And have a new beginning

I want to forget the past

Please give me another chance